Thanksgiving Week

24 Nov


On Friday our 101 Things I’m Thankful For piece was due.

On Monday classes defined the following words, wrote sentences and drew a picture for each word (in your notebook):

9th Grade Period 1, 4, 8:

  1. Precarious
  2. Expository
  3. Bolster
  4. Daunt
  5. Apathy
  6. Ambiguous
  7. Fervent
  8. Vagrant
  9. Undermine
  10. Oblivious


12th Grade Period 5:

  1. Delineate
  2. Nefarious
  3. Vernacular
  4. Hindrance
  5. Efface
  6. Glutton
  7. Hiatus
  8. Engender
  9. Obliterate
  10. Copious

On Tuesday, we wrote vocab bio poems, here are the instructions:

First name
Four traits that describe the word
Relative of (synonyms, other characters)
Who feels Who needs
Who Needs
Who fears
Who would like to see
Resident of
Last name.

Here is an Example:

Querulous- verb complain in a whining manner

First Name Debbie
Four traits Annoying, weak, childish, frustrating
Relative of Whiny
Who Feels Cranky
Who needs constant attention
Who fears having to deal with a difficult situation
Who would like to see someone give them everything they want
Resident of SnottyBratsVille
Last Name Downer


I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

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