Quick Write Wednesday and Discuss Literature

1 Oct

Quick Write Wednesday

12th: QW: Read  Excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay .  In your notebook answer: What is the main idea of the piece?  What is the most important line of the essay (in your opinion) and why?

We will be discussing the essay for most of the class.

9th: QW: Write about a time you stood up (or didn’t stand up) for something (yourself, a friend, an idea, philosophy, value) you believed in.

We discussed Melinda’s topic for her art year: a tree, as well as Andy Evans, aka “IT”

10th: QW: Are people born good or bad?

We will discussing symbolism in Lord of the Flies.  A symbol is something that has an meaning beyond what it is on a literal level.  Lord of the Flies is an Allegory, which is essentially a symbolic story.  The story has meaning beyond its literal level.

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